About us.

EPAIR is a network of European students, graduates and young professionals,
dedicated to fostering exchange on economics, politics and societal trends in Asia.

The annual HPAIR conferences that bring together more than 400 young people predominantly from Asia, Europe and the US in an Asian metropolis served as inspiration for EPAIR - for more than 10 years now, our members have been selected to attend the HPAIR conferences out of more than 3,000 yearly applicants worldwide.

Additionally, EPAIR organizes its own events and provides information specifically for European students that seek to focus on Asia in their studies and work. Ten years after its start, EPAIR today forms a network of students, graduates and alumni of prestigious universities, among them University of Cologne, University of Passau, Bucerius Law School Hamburg, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Hohenheim, University of Munich, EBS Oestrich Winkel, ESB Reutlingen, HSG St. Gallen, WHU Vallendar and more.

EPAIR members have backgrounds from business and legal studies to engineering and politics, many of them have lived and worked extensively in Asian countries and speak an Asian language fluently. As a result, EPAIR is built on a shared passion for Asia, and we believe strongly in the continued growth of the European-Asian relations.

EPAIR seminar

Membership benefits

EPAIR regularly organizes networking seminars with invited speakers open to all members. For EPAIR student members participating in the HPAIR conferences, financial aid to partially cover travel expenses can be granted depending on the availability of financial resources and as set by the EPAIR board in accordance with the statutes.
Header photo by Trey Ratcliff | flickr.com Creative Commons BY-NC-SA